SketchKam is an iPhone app that produces instant filtered photos and videos. 

See how to start SketchKam and make your own images, the way you want them, below …

Getting started

First you need to allow access to your iPhone’s Photo and Camera (see Permissions below)

After that, SketchKam will provide you with access to the full range of instant Presets

1 – The main screen appears with an overlay explaining the button functions

The overlay explains each of the button functions.

At any time you can bring this overlap back by tapping the settings button ... ... and selecting Help from the menu.

Tap "Get started" ...

2 – The main screen clears- You are ready to go


Start by flipping the camera ...

...... or switching filters:

- 1 - Swipe the screen left or right
- 2 - Tap the presets button ... ... or
- 3 - Use the Multi button ... ... ... to take a set of images using all the presets in a collection


SketchKam has over 50 presents

Just choose the one you like from the folders that come up when you start


Once you are in the main screen (shown above) you can swipe left or right to change presets
(you can even do this when you are recording video)
Or press the presets button ... ... to bring up the presets folders shown below on the left

Tap one of the six images to select a preset collection.

Tab the white button to start your own preset from scratch.

Tap the favorites button ... ... to select from the favorites collection

Tap the multi button ... ... to select a collection and take a series of shot using all the presets in that collection.

From a collection, such as the favorites collection on the right, choose one of the many presets available.

Or tap the Multi button ... ... to get a series of images, one for each preset in the collection.

See example of a series of photos taken using the Multi button below.

Preset controls

Once you have chosen a preset you can adjust it and save it to your favorites folder​​

Each preset has a set of controls that can be adjusted - see examples on the right
These are displayed on the main screen if you press the controls button ...
Some of the controls will make fine adjustments such as shading. Others will have dramatic effects, such as changing the color completely.
If you like the adjusted version, save it in your favorites folder using the button ... ... on the main or the preset screen

Sharing images and videos

You can review and share your photos and videos directly from SketchKam 

On the review screen (below left) click on the share button to bring up the share options (below right)

If you are on the main screen use the album key - - first to select a photo or video to share

Modes for the camera and app

You can change the operating mode of the app by selecting the menu on the right of the main screen

1 - Help shows the function of each of the main screen buttons.

2 - Choose the maximum length of a video.

3 - Display or hide preset controls when you select a new preset.

4 - Decide whether to automatically show the preview and share screen after each photo is taken.


SketchKam can only work if it has access to your Photos and Camera.

You can also tag your photos with your location and add audio to your videos, but only if you want

When SketchKam first starts you will see the screen on the right

 It sets out the permissions you need to set to make it work

You next need to answer the 3 questions

    You need to accept access to Photos and Camera or SketchKam cannot work.

    ​​​If you want to tag your photos or videos with you location, accept access to Location

Advice on identified issues

Where users have identified an issue while using SketchKam, we explain the issue here…

My iPhone gets hot and the battery runs down when I use SketchKam for a period

SketchKam uses all the graphics card resources of the iPhone (much like a game app). This allows SketchKam to literally make millions of calculations 30 times per second. A lot of energy is used – leading to heating of the iPhone and a depleted battery if SketchKam is run for an extended period.

You may even notice that text appears in the top right of the screen showing the frames per second (fps) at a value of less than 30 fps. At this point your iPhone needs a rest to cool off and perhaps get a recharge.

My SketchKam images are too grainy in low light

SketchKam relies on the digital image data coming from the camera. Even in perfect conditions, there is a small amount of noise or random variation in the camera data. That noise gives SketchKam a more natural sketch-like appearance. 

In low light, however, that  noise can overwhelm the appearance, especially in dark regions of your photos. Noise reduction and shading controls are present for many of the presets. These can solve or reduce the problem. 

However, there are situations, such as dimly-lit rooms where the results are never very satisfactory. Try alternative presets to get a better look